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Welcome to my web " that is my web site, "henry8photo". In civilian clothes I am know as Henry Schweber, photographer.

I became addicted to photography in my twenties, now that I have retired, photography has become my mistress. I say that because, I irritate my wife by stopping to take pictures when were out together especially on vacation. Her compensation is that our home is decorated with original art.

As an artist, photography allows me to visually express myself. I believe photography is a valid fine art form. The challenges facing the photographic artists differ from those of other visual artists, but they are as formidable. Digital photography has added new dimensions to photography, allowing the artist to visually enhance the image with techniques previously available only to painters. These techniques, include adding nuances to lighting effects and color balance, and adding texture to images similar to a painter's brush strokes.

I believe my work speaks for itself, however a list of awards I have received and the publications which my work has appeared in, is on my Bio page.

I have organized my pictures into galleries. A list of the galleries can be found on the Gallery Index page. I have chosen to use comparatively large files for my pictures, therefore it takes longer to down load this site. I am adding pictures all the time which is also increasing the download time.